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About Us

Demireller Textile was established in 1985 in Denizli / Buldan. Our company, which manufactures cotton in international production standards in a way that does not threaten human health of Hotel and Home Tex


Wholesale Towels Bamboo, the new trend of healthy life, has made a big step in the textile sector with the opportunities it provides. Bamboo fabrics, which are preferred in textile, furniture production worldwide, meet many customers with the production quality of Demirel Textile. Our sales reached every corner of Turkey differential continues as export abroad. We produce healthy touches to our valuable customers by processing the miraculous beauty of nature in Bamboo Towels, Velvet Towel Groups, Bathrobe Sets. Demirel Textile, which enables the textile to become a desired material by turning the bamboo into yarn, has reflected the quality production activities and purity with naturalness to the home groups. Our company which takes place in every step from weaving to quality control stages, serves with its new creations and designs by taking the leadership of the sector. Thanks to our stylish products that bring the perfect harmony of cotton and bamboo to your living spaces, you can achieve first-class living standards without compromising your naturalness. Our anti-bacterial product groups will facilitate the creation of your original style by nesting the decoration with innovative design in your spaces. Product Groups: • Şikel Bamboo Towel • Şikel Velvet Towel Group • Bamboo Bathrobe Set • Cotton Elite Towel Group • Bamboo Elite Towel Group • Bamboo Towel Pike • Purry Cotton Towel Group • Purry Bamboo Towel • Shikel Cotton Towel • Lux Micro Cotton Towel Our products, which contain cool lightness of cotton and bamboo, will donate a great feeling to your skin by providing air permeability. Due to its anti-bacterial properties and the raw material it contains, our products made from bamboo do not have allergy. Bamboo, which has become the new choice of the world, our products consisting of cotton fabrics are presented to the appreciation of our customers with their prices to their quality er